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Tiffany is the senior pastor and worship leader at Forerunner Church in San Antonio. She is also a missionary at Ethnos Missions Center, dedicating her life to seeing the glory of God touch the westside of San Antonio.


Tiffany was born in Dallas, Texas. Growing up she loved the Lord and gave her heart to Jesus very early and dedicated her life and served where ever she could at a very early age. Early on she was painting the church and cleaning and helping where ever possible. As she got older she served in children’s ministry from the nursery up to children’s church. At 11 she began interning and giving her summers and weekends in the fall and spring at a discovery camp in Columbus Texas. She later went on to go to the Bible school at the camp attending first year Texas Bible Institute & second year Leadership Training Course.  Tiffany went on to marry Joshua Gaines and continues to serve the Lord and serve and love people! “Even as the son of man came not to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many”.

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1103 Merida San Antonio, TX 78207

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